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    Whether you are a new crypto trader or an expert, you might be curious to know about the safest crypto wallet to trade on the Solana blockchain network. Yes, that’s true and we also understand the reason for your curiosity.


    You must have heard about the Phantom Wallet. This is a web crypto Phantom Wallet storage that lets users send, store receive, stake, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain network. People who are not familiar with the might be thinking that it is safe or not, is easy to use or not, or about the Phantom service fees. For your help, today we are going to clear your doubts about the Phantom Wallet.


    Things you need to set up the wallet

    People can use this wallet using their favourite browsers such as Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc. On these browsers, you Phantom wallet can add a Phantom browser extension and turn the browser into the crypto wallet.


    This extension will let you use the wallet safely on your computer. To access the Phantom Wallet, you may be asked to set up your crypto wallet. People can easily create their wallets by following some simple steps that we have mentioned in the below sections on this page.


    Way to get Phantom Wallet Browser Extension

    If you are looking to get theon your computer then you need to add its browser extension to it. To get the Phantom browser extension, you need to follow the steps that are given below:


    1. Keep your computer connected with the internet connection


    2. Open the browser on which you want to add Phantom Extension


    3. Navigate to the Phantom.app site


    4. From the top-right corner, look for the ‘Add to browser’ button